Matrix acidizing is a well stimulation procedure where acid is injected down the wellbore or coil tubing and into the reservoir near the wellbore region. Wellbore damage is a common issue in the oil field. The primary goal of matrix acidizing in carbonate reservoirs is to bypass wellbore damage by creating highly conductive channels that go several feet into the formation, known as wormholes.

The goal of laboratory experiments is to find an optimum injection rate to create dominant wormholes and provide this information to the field. To conduct various experiments, core flooding setups are created in Sharif Petro Energy. The setup consists of a core holder, accumulator, overburden pump, injection pump, accumulator, pressure sensors, and a back pressure regulator. Results from matrix acidizing core flooding in laboratory conditions provide an understand for wormhole growth, acid diversion, injection rates, and adds a variety of liquid chemicals for testing at reservoir pressures and temperatures.


  • 2x Hassler Core holder
  • 4x Fluid Accumulator
  • 1x Refill Tank
  • 2x Backpressure
  • Core Diameter: 1.5’’
  • Maximum Core Length: 6’’
  • Maximum working Pressure: 400 bar
  • Maximum Confining Pressure: 700 bar
  • Maximum Temperature: 150ᵒ C
  • Online Date Acquisition
  • Smart Confining Pressure Control
  • 2x High Pressure Pumps